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The CodeBlock Program

"A Visual FoxPro Runtime Interpreter"

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What is CodeBlock?

CodeBlock is a runtime FoxPro interpreter. It allows you to execute blocks of uncompiled code that resides in memo fields, files, or character strings, even in the runtime environment. There are two versions available here and both have the same file name, CODEBLCK.PRG.

CodeBlock Class for Visual FoxPro - Revision 3.1(e) 09/07/2001

A new set of related tools has been created by Randy Pearson for Visual FoxPro  (VFP) 5.0 and later. Like the original CodeBlock program, this is also in the public domain. The tools contains three (3) separate components:

  1. A CodeBlock execution class, which contains the entire "engine" that acts as the VFP runtime interpreter. This class "cusCodeBlock" can be used entirely on its own in cases where you have a source of existing blocks of VFP code to execute at runtime. Although there are many new properties available for customization, TEXTMERGE processing, and error handling, executing this class can be as simple as:
    • oCodeBlock = CREATEOBJECT( "cusCodeBlock")
    • oCodeBlock.SetCodeBlock( <YourTable.YourMemoFieldWithCode>)
    • oCodeBlock.Execute()
  2. A form for testing CodeBlock by entering and executing blocks of code named "frmCodeBlockEditor". This form class includes many new features such as modeless operation, dynamic resizing, font selection, and the ability to "test compile" your code block from the VFP development environment. To execute the code blocks you enter, you also need the execution class discussed above. Calling this editor is also simple:
    • oCodeEditor = CREATEOBJECT( "frmCodeBlockEditor")
    • oCodeEditor.Show()
  3. Wrapper code in CodeBlck.PRG that accepts the same parameters as the old 2.6 version of CodeBlck.PRG and calls either of the above 2 classes as needed. This wrapper program allows for in-line calls to the CodeBlock classes and is included to allow call-level compatability to developers who used the original CodeBlck.PRG program that way. Note that this program switches the editor class to modal, if called, since a single return value to an inline function may be required.


The latest version of CODEBLCK.PRG is available for download here.

Abbreviated Revision History

The following lists some of the major changes since the 2.6 version. Changes are in reverse chronological order. Please see the notes at the bottom of the PRG itself for a much more thorough revision history.
  • October 1998: Support for LOCAL ARRAY command, improved error handling when errors occur in TEXT blocks or evaluated expressions.
  • June 1998: Added limited support for FOR EACH. Added limited support for #DEFINE, #IF, #INCLUDE, and some other compiler directives.
  • May 1998: Major re-write that includes pre-processing the user's code for greatly enhanced performance and error handling. Added support for LOCAL declarations by implcitly treating LOCAL's as PRIVATE's to avoid scope problems in recursive calls. Added implicit PRIVATE variable initialization.

Original FoxPro 2.6 CodeBlock Program - Revised 04/24/1997!

The original program, CODEBLCK.PRG, is a "runtime interpreter" of structured Microsoft FoxPro 2.6 code. That program can still be downloaded here. This program has been modified slightly over the years since its original publication in FoxTalk (see reference), but is still fully compatible with FoxPro 2.6 (all platforms) and Visual FoxPro. Extensive notes and calling syntax is included in the program file itself.

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